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Every Hitman Level Rated on Replayability

I love Hitman. It’s the only video game franchise that I’ve played in its entirety, and it’s a series I will keep playing for years to come, regardless of whether or not they ever release Hitman 3.
The key to Hitman’s greatness is its replayability. Every level has more than one solution, and the best have seemingly countless. I love sitting down with pretty much any Hitman game, loading up a favourite level, and executing a perfect hit in a way I’ve never done before. Don’t ask me about the overarching story, because I’ve only played most of these games linearly once, but ask me the best way to assassinate both targets at the fashion show and boy do I have tales to tell.
So without further ado, here’s my rundown of every level in every main Hitman game with a brief write up and an overall replayability score. It may be a little obsessive, but hey, that’s part of the fun of being a Hitman fan.
(If you’re wondering, the best way to kill both targets in at the fashion show is to push Dalia off a balcony onto Victor below. Seriously, it’s the greatest feeling in the world)
Hitman: Codename 47
This is where it all began, and it’s absolutely a game Hitman fans should play once. I don’t think it holds up all that well but it’s fascinating to see where a lot of the series’ trademarks came from. As you probably know, the majority of the levels in the game were remade in Hitman: Contracts; I think Contracts improves on them significantly, so I will be leaving them out of my Codename 47 ratings, and discussing them when we get to Hitman: Contracts.
1 - Training - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
Here we go - our intro to Agent 47 (well, “47” here). As far as training levels go, it’s pretty decent, doing a good job of explaining gameplay mechanics, without overstaying its welcome. I’ve only ever played it once, however, and feel like I got everything I need out of it.
Replayability: ⅕
2 - Kowloon Triads in Gang War - Chiu Dai Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See Slaying a Dragon in Hitman: Contracts
3 - Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant - Wang Fou Restaurant, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See The Wang Fou Incident in Hitman: Contracts
4 - The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant - Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See The Seafood Massacre in Hitman: Contracts
5 - The Lee Hong Assassination - Wang Fou Restaurant, Kowloon, Hong Kong
See The Lee Hong Assassination in Hitman: Contracts
6 - Find the U'wa Tribe - Colombian Jungle
The three missions in Columbia are some of my least favourite in all of Hitman-dom, simply because you have to play all three as third person shooters. Stealth is almost never an option, and it drives me INSANE.
Replayability: ⅕
7 - The Jungle God - Colombian Jungle
More of the above, and I feel worse for that little pig than any target in Hitman history.
Replayability: ⅕
8 - Say Hello to My Little Friend - Pablo Ochoa’s Camp, Colombian Jungle
Look, I don’t hate Codename 47. It’s just that the levels that weren’t remade mostly aren’t very good. Sorry, Codename 47 - this one’s gonna be a no from me.
Replayability: ⅕
9 - Traditions of the Trade - Hotel Gallàrd, Budapest
See Traditions of the Trade in Hitman: Contracts
10 - Gunrunner’s Paradise - Harbor, Rotterdam
See Deadly Cargo in Hitman: Contracts
11 - Plutonium Runs Loose - Harbor, Rotterdam
See Deadly Cargo in Hitman: Contracts
12 - The Setup - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
I actually like this one! It can, and should, be done stealthily, and even though I don’t care very much about the overall story of Hitman, these last two levels are pretty interesting. I also like bringing patients the items they want. It’s not that replayable, but it’s definitely a cut above the Colombia ones.
Replayability: ⅖
13 - Meet Your Brother - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
After the stealthy fun of The Setup it’s a little disappointing that the game ends with a shooting gallery. That said, killing clones of 47 is fun to do once.
Replayability: ⅕
Hitman: Codename 47 Average Replayability: ⅕
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
This was the first game in the series I played, and my god did I love it. It improves on everything that worked about Codename 47, and ditches pretty much everything that didn’t. It doesn’t all work quite as well as I remembered, but it’s still a good game.
1 - The Gontranno Sanctuary - Vittorio’s Church, Sicily
We begin in a cute little Sicilian church, and while there isn’t anyone to kill here, I like revisiting this level from time to time because it’s very zen and 47 seems to genuinely enjoy not killing people for a change.
Replayability: ⅖
2 - Anathema - Villa Borghese, Sicily
Before we know it 47 is back to his old tricks and Diana sends him to assassinate a mafia don. The setting is certainly limited by the graphics, and there isn’t a ton to do once you get into the compound, but this has the honour of being the first proper Hitman level I ever played, and will always have a special place in my heart.
Replayability: ⅗
3 - St. Petersburg Stakeout - St. Petersburg, Russia
This is a great one. The location, the music, the time limit, and the process of elimination game you have to play to identify the general all works together to create a mission that I still enjoy going back to.
Replayability: ⅗
4 - Kirov Park Meeting - St. Petersburg, Russia
While not as good as St. Petersburg Stakeout, there’s plenty of fun to be had either sniping or bombing the targets. And that Jesper Kyd score - my god.
Replayability: ⅖
5 - Tubeway Torpedo - St. Petersburg, Russia
This one feels a bit like filler, but it’s always nice when Agent Smith pops up.
Replayability: ⅕
6 - Invitation to a Party - St. Petersburg, Russia
I love just about any Hitman mission with civilians hanging out at what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary location. Invitation to a Party fits the bill, and I think it’s a wonderful conclusion to the Russia chapter of this game.
Replayability: ⅗
7 - Tracking Hayamoto - Hayamoto’s Mansion, Honshu, Japan
Hitman in Japan is fun because Agent 47 is basically a ninja. This level isn’t amazing, but poisoning sushi while dressed up as a chef is extremely satisfying.
Replayability: ⅖
8 - Hidden Valley - Honshu, Japan
Definitely filler.
Replayability: ⅕
9 - At the Gates - Honshu, Japan
Wait, we still can’t kill Hayamoto?! If I was giving out zero scores, this would be the number one candidate.
Replayability: ⅕
10 - Shogun Showdown - Katsuyama Mansion, Honsu, Japan
It isn’t totally worth the two levels of tedium it took to get here, but Shogun Showdown is a cool level. Dressing up as a ninja and sneaking around lasers just feels so right.
Replayability: ⅖
11 - Basement Killing - Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This level is fairly easy, but I absolutely love it. It can be done so smoothly with practice, and I find either of the three basic solutions to be a blast. I’ve completed this level waaay too many times.
Replayability: ⅘
12 - Graveyard Shift - Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This level would feel right at home in a Splinter Cell, which is never a bad thing.
Replayability: ⅖
13 - The Jacuzzi Job - Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Everything about The Jacuzzi Job is goofy fun, from the all-female guards to the rubber duck to the fact that Charlie is totally nude. I most definitely want to make boom boom with Charlie.
Replayability: ⅗
14 - Murder at the Bazaar - Nuristan, Afghanistan
The most memorable thing about this section of the game is that 47 looks like Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
Replayability: ⅕
15 - The Motorcade Interception - Nuristan, Afghanistan
Not only is this as dull as Hidden Valley it’s incredibly frustrating too. Hard pass.
Replayability: ⅕
16 - Tunnel Rat - Nuristan, Afghanistan
Well, at least this is the last mission in Afghanistan.
Replayability: ⅕
17 - Temple City Ambush - Temple City, Punjab, India
The layout of this level isn’t anything to write home about, but the surprise of the third assassin appearing never ceases to bring a smile to my face.
Replayability: ⅖
18 - The Death of Hannelore - Temple City Palace, Punjab, India
The location is nice, but this mission’s just never done it for me.
Replayability: ⅕
19 - Terminal Hospitality - Hospital Island, Punjab, India
Like the previous mission, there’s something about this one that just doesn’t click. The clone showing up at the end is kind of neat though.
Replayability: ⅕
20 - St. Petersburg Revisited - St. Petersburg, Russia
I had forgotten how much this game sags at the end. We go BACK to St. Petersburg?!
Replayability: ⅕
21 - Redemption at Gontranno - Vittorio’s Church, Sicily
Like Codename 47, we end where we began, and like Codename 47, we unfortunately end with a shooting gallery. It’s not a bad mission, just not a very replayable one.
Replayability: ⅕
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Average Replayability: ⅖
Hitman 2 Christmas Game
Yes I’ve played this - no, you should not.
Hitman: Contracts
Like 2018’s Hitman 2, Contracts doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. What it does is focus on what made Silent Assassin great and do more of that. There are a few gameplay tweaks, but as far as mechanics go, Contracts mostly stays the course. What’s so special about it is the atmosphere; it’s by far the darkest Hitman game, and every level feels wonderfully seedy and grim.
1 - Asylum Aftermath - Ort-Meyer’s Asylum, Romania
We start with the aftermath of 47 killing Ort-Meyer, and it’s a nice introduction to the basic concept of the game - revisiting the past.
Replayability: ⅖
2 - The Meat King’s Party - Slaughterhouse, Romania
Everything about this mission is completely disgusting - I love it!
Replayability: ⅘
3 - The Bjarkhov Bomb - Remote Base, Siberia, Russia
This mission feels very been-there-done-that, especially after the giddy grotesquery of The Meat King’s Party.
Replayability: ⅕
4 - Beldingford Manor - Beldingford Manor, England
Oh HELL yes. One of the best Hitman missions ever, Beldingford Manor is the perfect illustration of what this series can offer. Interesting, but believable location - check. Endless ways to complete the mission - check. Wonderfully evil targets - check. Great score - check. So. Much. Atmosphere - check, check, check. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play Beldingford Manor for the 100th time.
Replayability: 5/5
5 - Rendezvous in Rotterdam - Flaming Rotterdam’s Compound, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Bikers are kind of the worst. I don’t like their shitty attitudes, shitty music, or shitty decorating choices. I don’t like this level.
Replayability: ⅕
6 - Deadly Cargo
This is the first full-on Codename 47 remake in the game, combining Gunrunner’s Paradise with Plutonium Runs Loose. The location isn’t the most exciting, but with a nuclear bomb to diffuse and a treasure trove of different ways to complete the mission, I’m not complaining.
Replayability: ⅘
7 - Traditions of the Trade - Hotel Galar, Budapest, Hungary
Another home run, this level is dripping with atmosphere AND features a ghost. Yes please.
Replayability: ⅘
8 - Slaying a Dragon - Chiu Dai Park, Hong Kong
This level can be completed so hilariously quickly that I never really feel like putting in the effort to try other solutions.
Replayability: ⅕
9 - The Wang Fou Incident - Wang Fou Restaurant, Hong Kong
It wouldn’t work that well story-wise, but these Hong Kong missions should probably have been combined Deadly Cargo-style. They’re just too simple on their own.
Replayability: ⅕
10 - The Seafood Massacre - Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant, Hong Kong
This one is quite fun, and framing someone else for murder is always a good time.
Replayability: ⅖
11 - The Lee Hong Assassination - Wang Fou Restaurant, Hong Kong
It’s not a bad end to the Lee Hong series of levels, but it’s a bit anticlimactic. Agent Smith raises its pedigree slightly.
Replayability: ⅖
12 - Hunter and Hunted - Hotel, Paris, France
47 goes full Leon: The Professional and it’s glorious. Playing Contracts for the first time, a part of me knew this mission must be coming, but actually playing 47s impossible escape blew my expectations away. A superb end to a very underrated game.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman: Contracts Average Replayability: ⅗
Hitman: Blood Money
What more can be said about Blood Money? It’s the game where everything just fell into place.
1 - Death of a Showman - Southland Amusement Park, Baltimore, USA
It’s a testament to the greatness of Blood Money that even the training mission is excellent. It’s not as replayable as some of the truly legendary levels this game has to offer, but Death of a Showman is the perfect introduction to everyone’s favourite Hitman game.
Replayability: ⅗
2 - A Vintage Year - Colchagua Valley Vineyard, Chile
This is a very good Hitman level, but it hasn’t stuck with me the way some of Blood Money has.
Replayability: ⅗
3 - Curtains Down - Garnier Opera House, Paris, France
This is one of those levels that you can point to and say, “THAT’S what Hitman is.” It’s Hitchcockian in its construction, gorgeous, and may feature the most satisfying kill in any Hitman game. And can I mention how fantastic the mission titles are in Blood Money?
Replayability: 5/5
4 - Flatline - Pine Cone Rehabilitation Centre, California, USA
Three targets AND you get to rescue Agent Smith. Hitman had done medical centres before, but this was the best yet by far. 47 in a robe makes me chuckle every time.
Replayability: ⅘
5 - A New Life - Suburbs, San Diego, USA
Dear god this game just keeps knocking it out of the park. This may be my favourite Hitman level of all time, and it all comes down to the simple location. There’s something so twisted about watching 47 stalk his prey in the suburbs; it’s like Michael Myers in Halloween. It’s an inversion of everyday life, and a brilliant examination of the darkness that can lurk just below the surface.
Replayability: 5/5
6 - The Murder of Crows - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
The (ahem) hits keep coming. I sometimes forget just how many great levels Blood Money contains. This is the first Hitman level to feature a colossal amount of NPCs and IO Interactive really uses them to their full advantage. Pushing through a raucous crowd while wearing a bird costume - perfection.
Replayability: ⅘
7 - You Better Watch Out… - Rocky Mountains, USA
Perhaps it’s due to the quadruple whammy preceding it, but this level doesn’t totally work for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but not quite Blood Money good.
Replayability: ⅖
8 - Death on the Mississippi - Emily, Mississippi, USA
This is a damn good mission, and I love how many targets there are.
Replayability: ⅗
9 - Till Death Do Us Part - Mississippi, USA
I’m truly torn over whether to give this a 4 or a 5. It’s wonderful, but maybe not quiiiite top tier. Maybe. I dunno - it’s amazing. This is really a 4.5
Replayability: ⅘
10 - A House of Cards - Shamal Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA
They really nail the feel of Vegas here, but something about this mission has never totally drawn me in.
Replayability: ⅖
11 - A Dance with the Devil - The Shark Club, Las Vegas, USA
The concept for this level alone is mindblowing, but the (ahem) execution is just as flawless. This game is so good it makes me cry.
Replayability: 5/5
12 - Amendment XXV - White House, Washington, USA
Blood Money takes place mostly in America, so where better to have the final full level than the White House? It doesn’t quite reach the dizzying highs of some of Blood Money’s missions, but this is a supremely satisfying almost-finale.
Replayability: ⅘
13 - Requiem - Unknown, USA
Ok, remember when I said I don’t really care about Hitman’s story? Or when I said I don’t like shooting galleries? Somehow all of that melts away in Requiem, and I’m left absolutely floored by this ending. As a mission it’s quick, but as a conclusion to the best Hitman game - flawless.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman: Blood Money Average Replayability: ⅘
Hitman: Vegas
Well I thought I played all the Hitman games. There’s a great video review of this here: and it does kind of make me want to give it a shot.
Hitman: Sniper Challenge
The first of three sniper games, Sniper Challenge is fun. I’m not going to include it in my rankings because it’s so different in concept, but it’s definitely worth checking out.
Hitman: Absolution
Ok, let’s talk about Hitman: Absolution. It’s...a really good game, and if it wasn’t called Hitman I don’t think many people would complain. Compared to Blood Money, Absolution is indeed a bit of a misstep for the series. There’s less freedom or need to experiment, and those are two of Hitman’s greatest strengths. Here’s the thing though - I will never hold it against an artist for trying something new. That’s what art is all about. Did the changes totally work? No. So they course-corrected, and four years later gave us exactly what we asked for. This game also looks and sounds great. Textures, lighting effects, and NPC dialogue are polished until they gleam. The gameplay is by far the smoothest the series had ever seen, and they even came up with a solid story, told through well produced cut scenes. I’m just gonna say it - I’m a fan of Absolution. Please don’t hate me.
1 - A Personal Contract - Outskirts of Chicago, USA
The target’s Diana?! Right off the bat Absolution takes a hard left turn, and I’d put this training mission up right up there with Death of a Showman. It does a fantastic job of explaining how the game works (including the much-maligned but actually really fun point shooting feature), and looks absolutely stunning.
Replayability: ⅗
2 - The King of Chinatown - Chinatown, Chicago, USA
I think even Absolution haters would have to admit this level is awesome. There are endless way to kill the King, and having them all be in such a contained space is really impressive.
Replayability: ⅘
3 - Terminus - Terminus Hotel, Chicago, USA
This mission is...kind of dull. If all of Absolution were like this I’d definitely be in the “not a fan” camp. I’m giving it an extra point for the scary bear and the really cool way it ends.
Replayability: ⅖
4 - Run for Your Life - Chicago, USA
Here is where this game very much announces how different it is from other Hitman games. This feels like a mission from a completely different series and I enjoy it a lot.
Replayability: ⅗
5 - Hunter and Hunted - The Vixen Club, Chicago, USA
This mission is great! Going from the stripclub to Chinatown feels like something from 2016’s Hitman, and a quick glance at all the challenges available demonstrates just how much this level has to offer.
Replayability: ⅘
6 - Rosewood - Rosewood Orphanage, Chicago, USA
This one’s OK. Starting with carrying Victoria is very tense and atmospheric, but once that part’s over the rest of the mission isn’t that memorable.
Replayability: ⅖
7 - Welcome to Hope - Hope, South Dakota, USA
This mission is mostly cutscenes AND features bikers. No thank-you.
Replayability: ⅕
8 - Birdie’s Gift - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Even though the mission is very easy to complete, I love this location. They totally nailed the look and feel of this particular kind of place and sneaking through a shooting range is terrifying in all the best ways. This is also a fun location for target practice.
Replayability: ⅗
9 - Shaving Lenny - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Having the Hope Cougars be a 1950’s style greaser gang makes me so very happy. Another gorgeous location, with plenty of targets and lots of ways to get the job done.
Replayability: ⅗
10 - End of the Road - Desert, USA
This level is a work of genius. It’s a brilliant subversion of everything we expect from a Hitman game, and once you start experimenting there are practically endless ways to complete a level that can technically be beaten in three seconds.
Replayability: 5/5
11 - Dexter Industries - Hope, South Dakota, USA
This mission has a great opening cutscene, but for the most part it’s pretty bland.
Replayability: ⅕
12 - Death Factory - Hope, South Dakota, USA
There’s sooo many ways to complete this mission, but for whatever reason the layout of the level just doesn’t appeal to me so I rarely come back to it.
Replayability: ⅖
13 - Fight Night - Dexter Industries, Hope, USA
Dressing up as a luchador and killing Sanchez in the ring is really fun, but there’s not a ton else to do here.
Replayability: ⅖
14 - Attack of the Saints - Waikiki Inn, Hope, USA
This is another great location, but let’s face it, there’s only one correct way to do this, and it’s dressed as a scarecrow. But I will happily dress as a scarecrow over and over again.
Replayability: ⅗
15 - Skurky’s Law - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Another very solid level, with some fun disguises, and a cameo from Kane!
Replayability: ⅗
16 - Operation Sledgehammer - Hope, South Dakota, USA
Operation Sledgehammer is OK, but the best part by far is just walking towards the church at the end; it’s epic.
Replayability: ⅖
17 - One of a Kind - Chicago, USA
There’s not much to do here, save for some cool Hitman easter eggs.
Replayability: ⅕
18 - Blackwater Park - Blackwater Park, Chicago, USA
The game is definitely dragging at this point and the part with Layla trying to seduce 47 only to have him murder her is really mean-spirited.
Replayability: ⅕
19 - Countdown - Chicago, USA
The fog is awesome, the countdown adds a great level of tension, and pushing people off the roof is a blast.
Replayability: ⅘
20 - Absolution - Cornwall, England
This mission feels pretty tacked on, especially after Countdown, but 47 saying “You’ll never know” makes the whole thing worth it.
Replayability: ⅖
Hitman: Absolution Average Replayability: ⅗
Hitman Go
Hitman chilled out for a bit and released a couple more mobile games. I’m not going to include either in my level rankings because they aren’t typical Hitman levels at all, but Hitman Go is a must-play for any Hitman fan. It’s equal parts delightful and challenging, and every level is a minimalist work of art.
Hitman: Sniper
Hitman: Sniper is also worth checking out. It’s bogged down by the usual mobile game unlockable nonsense, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had here, and it’s ridiculously cheap if you don’t fall for any of the microtransactions.
I’m a little bit torn on Hitman. Let’s start with the good: Sapienza and Hokkaido are fantastic locations that I can literally play endlessly. IO has fully embraced the sandbox nature of these games and when it all works it’s as good as Hitman has ever been. But...I really miss the personality of Contracts, Blood Money, and Absolution. It’s easier to create atmosphere when levels are smaller and more contained - that’s why a lot of open world games aren’t very distinctive. The massive levels in Hitman just haven’t stuck with me the way some of the best missions in other Hitman have. That said, all I need to do is load up Sapienza, Hokkaido, or Paris and I’m pretty much guaranteed a great time. This game is a little tough to break into missions since there so many are twists on the six main locations so I’m only going to focus on the story ones. I debated doing a write up for Patient Zero but considering it’s also in existing locations I’ll just say that it’s totally worth playing at least once, especially the final level, which is bananas. And I also want to give IO a shout out for their commitment to players. They were releasing content for Hitman pretty much up until the release of Hitman 2, and they really, really seem to care about everyone who plays this game having something new to do whenever they boot it up.
1 - Freeform Training - ICA Training Facility, Greenland
I love the idea of having training be in a simulated ICA environment - it’s a great tongue in cheek nod to the artifice of games themselves, especially training levels. Knowing that everyone in the level is just acting gives every playthrough an added level of enjoyment and the general shittiness of the fake boat is perfect.
Replayability: ⅘
2 - The Final Test - ICA Training Facility, Greenland
I could have stood to have only one simulated environment - two seems like overkill.
Replayability: ⅖
3 - The Showstopper - Palais de Walewska, Paris, France
This level really feels like IO announcing that they listened to fans’ reaction to Absolution. It has more ways to complete it than any previous Hitman level and really rewards multiple playthroughs. The targets aren’t all that memorable, but this is a welcome return to Agent 47’s roots.
Replayability: ⅘
4 - World of Tomorrow - Sapienza, Italy
Sapienza takes everything that makes The Showstopper work and cranks it up to 11. The location is maybe the prettiest in any Hitman game, the layout is perfect, and it’s a blast to walk around in 47’s casual clothes and just hang out in this perfect little Italian town.
Replayability: 5/5
5 - A Gilded Cage - Marrakesh, Morocco
This one’s a bit of a bummer. It’s competent but just isn’t all that fun.
Replayability: ⅖
6 - Club 27 - Bangkok, Thailand
Definitely an improvement over Marrakesh, but not as good as Paris or Sapienza.
Replayability: ⅗
7 - Freedom Fighters - Colorado, USA
Oh man - I really dislike this mission. It’s bland and easy and just feels like something from a much worse stealth game.
Replayability: ⅕
8 - Situs Inversus - Hokkaido, Japan
Luckily, Hitman totally sticks the landing. Situs Inversus is even better than Flatline. It’s equal parts tranquille and creepily sterile, plus 47 gets to dress up as a ninja and run across rooftops with a samurai sword. It’s a perfect ending.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman Average Replayability: ⅗
Hitman 2
Hitman 2 is to Hitman what Contracts was to Silent Assassin; It’s so similar that you can even play all of Hitman 1 within it, utilizing all of the updated gameplay features. But, like Contracts, Hitman 2 takes everything that worked in Hitman and doubles down on it, creating a truly immersive experience. Each location has a distinct atmosphere and there’s a running theme of how unsustainable wealth and power is. This is the best Hitman game since Blood Money - it might be the best Hitman game ever made. IO, now an independent studio, includes another fun sniper mode called Sniper Assassin, and there’s even multiplayer for the first time. Ghost Mode basically pits you against Agent 47 from an alternate universe and you compete with another player to try and get the best score on a level - it’s fantastic. There’s also plenty of single-player DLC yet to be released. It saddens me that the game isn’t doing super well commercially, and I really, really hope there will someday be a Hitman 3. I’m on board for life, IO, and I know a lot of other people are too.
1 - Nightcall - Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
Nightcall features a nice location and there are quite a few ways to get the job done, but I definitely prefer the training level in Hitman.
Replayability: ⅖
2 - The Finish Line - Miami, USA
Oh man - this is one for the ages. There’s so much to do, and it feels like four levels all in one. Every mission story is worth playing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll be playing this one for years to come.
Replayability: 5/5
3 - Three-Headed Serpent - Santa Fortuna, Colombia
The only Codename 47 location that had never been revisited was Colombia and Three-Headed Serpent makes the return trip worth the wait. It’s nothing like the Colombia missions in Codename 47, but it’s a great level. I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the things to do, and the three distinct elements - the military, the wealth, and the drugs - all play beautifully off one another.
Replayability: ⅘
4 - Chasing a Ghost - Mumbai, India
This level really shows off how much better the voice acting is in Hitman 2 compared to Hitman. Mumbai feels truly alive, and the level’s tight, labyrinthian structure is so packed with authentic details I would often stop just to marvel at the sun blazing from behind a skyscraper or to appreciate the all the little elements that were combined to create the laundry foreman’s office building. Trying to find the Maelstrom isn’t quite as fun as I hoped it would be, however, and I think the mission could have done without him.
Replayability: ⅘
5 - Another Life - Whittleton Creek, Vermont, USA
As a huge fan of A New Life, this feels like a level created just for me (though I’m sure there are many, many other New Life fans out there). The scale of this compared to the original absolutely blows me away, and like the original, discovering all the darkness hiding beneath the veneer of small-town Americana makes for a wonderful juxtaposition. Whether it’s a creepy basement full of poison and baking or a politician with some truly reprehensible ideas, it’s eminently clear that 47 isn’t the only boogeyman in town.
Replayability: 5/5
6 - The Ark Society - Isle of Sgàil, North Atlantic Ocean
All the themes of class structure and wealth disparity come to a head in a perfect final mission. This article by Cameron Kunzelman beautifully articulates what makes this level, and Hitman as a whole, so special:
I’ll end by saying that I encountered a bug during my first playthrough of this mission and was unable to load any of my saves, forcing me to restart. With most games this would be a chore, but with Hitman I eagerly dove back in, and immediately discovered a completely new way to take out a target. That’s why I love Hitman so much.
Replayability: 5/5
Hitman 2 Average Replayability: 4/5
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My Assassin’s Creed Wishlist

Ive made an easier list below, and a way more in depth after that
  1. 70’s Era Blaxploitation Film set in Harlem/Cali
  2. Modern Day Mexico and South America, assassinating drug lords
  3. Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire
  4. Russian Revolution
  5. Mars colony in the future
  6. Dynastic/Gunpowder Age China
  7. Indian Empire
  8. War on Terrorism in Iraq
  9. English colonization of Australia
  10. Balkans and Ottoman Empire during Skënderbeu’s Rebellion
  11. Greaser Assassins vs Soc Templars in Urban 50’s America
  12. World War 1
  13. Holocaust and World War 2
  14. 80’s Beverly Hills High School Coming-of-Age Movie: Karate Kid
  15. The British Isles during Medieval Times
  16. Roman Republic/Empire
  17. Go to a drug lord’s secret chinese island for the cia under the guise of a martial arts contender in his yearly contest (Enter the Dragon: The Game)
  18. Noir Gangland, NYC during Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, Prohibition Era, Great Depression
  19. Mongolian Empire
  20. Zombie apocalypse set in Canada (for the snow)
  21. Cold War in Moscow, Berlin, London, Dallas, Cuba
  22. All of North Korean history
  23. Feudal/Empirical Japan
  24. Slasher film genre set in the 80’s with you as detective
  25. Ancient Greece
  26. A Modern Day Criminal Underworld (like John Wick)
  27. American Civil War
  28. Vietnam War
  29. Viking Age in Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and Canada
  30. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland (Mad Max)
  31. Wild West and California Gold Rush
Assassin’s Creed: Blaxploitation
Fight against the system as a black brotha (afro hoods, white templars, 70’s Harlem/Cali) just kidding keep scrolling
Assassin’s Creed: Cartel
Assassinate Mexican cartel drug lords. Kind of like Sicario. Parkour through Rio roofs.
Assassin’s Creed: Conquest
You are an eagle warrior in your Aztec community, fighting off rival natives. In your travels, you meet an old man who claims to know about the assassins that came with Columbus. You go meet the assassins and learn their ways in order to defeat the rivals. You learn that conquistador Templars have taken over the expeditions and plan to invade the city of Tenochtitlan. You later visit the seer Nezahualpilli and his omens confirm your fears. You gather your faces and defend your people against the conquistadors. However, the city still falls and surrenders. You fight against Cortez’s forces. You have to defend in the Massacre of Cholula and meet Moctezuma. You are forced to leave your homeland, living in the shadows and assassinating the Spanish from afar. Weapons include macuahuitl, atlatl, javelins, war bow, slings, poisonous blowguns, spear, tomahawk, club, knife, toledo sword, lances, arquebus, crossbows, hidden obsidian dagger. Aztec instruments. You're Eagle assassin outfit consists of a beaked helmet and a long feathered cloak. Quests include scalping Templars, assassinating Templars, saving children, defending the city, stealing weapons, capturing enemies, fighting rivals, looting missionaries, saving Aztecs from slavery and punishment after the colonization. You can climb palaces and boats and temples and pyramids and hunt jaguars. You can also assassinate Pizarro.
Assassin’s Creed: Czar
You are a Cossack assassin during the Russian Empire’s last days. You notice that Nicholas II is keeping people under his complete total rule. You organize revolution in order to restart the Russian government. You assassinate the czar and the czardom is over. You fight in the February and October Revolution. Weapons include bear spear, pick, fork, knout, shashka, falchion, karabela, morningstar, broad axe, sovnya, khanjali, crossbow, and hidden blade. You can climb up the colorful spiral towers in St Petersburg. You can hunt bear in the frozen wilderness. You lead the revolution. Classical orchestra music. You wear a traditional Cossack cavalry uniform with a Russian ushanka. Name could be Zaroff and you can own some hounds.
Assassin’s Creed: Deep Space/Colony
You are an Astronaut Assassin of the Fifth Colony of Mars in 2118. Most of the population of Earth (due to polluted and cancerous air) live in the Fifth Colony, with interplanetary travel being common. The Outer Space Treaty was violated by the New Templars, reformed by the Templar Grandmaster and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, when you find that they have made a secret hidden moonbase. The New Templars have been building a WMD. You have to infiltrate the moonbase, kill space Templars, and travel the planets in your spaceship shaped like the assassin’s creed symbol. Weapons include the hidden energy blade, lightsaber, blasters, sticky bombs, heat ray, freeze ray, sonic ray, shock ray, portal ray (easy exit, cool assassination, or to pull a Templar through so you won't alert the other guards, like pulling them into a haystack or bush), plasma grenade, lazer whip, power gauntlets (like Jacqui Briggs), circular saw, chainsword, atom slicer knife, harpoons, emp bow and arrow. Soundtrack would be electronic and space opera. You would wear an orange and white thin space suit like from the movie The Martian. The visor would be pointed and can move up and down around the glass like a hood. The astronauts cap is also pointed and the shredded cape would float in zero gravity. You wear a space walk jetpack and the exosuit can change depending on the planet, such as radiation resistant on Earth and thermal on Pluto, Mercury, etc. You can visit any of the terrestrial planets, as well as the kuiper and asteroid belt. Quests include redirecting meteors, assassinating space templars, collecting space trash, visiting a hermit on Pluto, destroy templar weapons, etc. Cool features include leap of faith into a blackhole and coming out of another. You can also climb colony bases and the asteroid belt in low/zero gravity. Danger in climbing in space is flying too high up instead of down. You can perform a floating assassination, and a portal assassination. Spaceship combat will be featured, basically like naval combat from AC4 but in three dimensions. The missions, arrows, distances, maps, and special locations would all be in-game as a JARVIS type AI inside of the assassin suit. Should be 3d if that is even possible. Based on Star Wars, Star Trek, The Martian, and other space operas.
Assassin’s Creed: Dynasty
You are a Chinese Assassin during Dynastic China. You have to assassinate Templars and parkour in the Forbidden City. Something about the Terracotta Soldiers. Weapons include the fire arrow launcher, deer horn knives, hidden sai, butterfly sword, chain whip, changdao, musket, claw sickle, bow and arrow, jian, oriental saber, shuang gou hook sword, chui mace, emeici darts, fire lance (like in mad max), guandao, staff, hand cannon, ji spear, black powder canister, meteor hammer, pump flamethrower, qiang spear, repeating crossbow, rope dart, nunchucks, wind and fire wheels, stinkpot (to clear an area of enemies and civilians), trebuchet, tonfa, branched sword, roped dragon beard hook, chinese axe, . Traditional chinese music. You wear a long hooded monk robes. You are trained by both Shaolin Temple monks and Assassins. Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger type parkour. Assassinate Zhang Fei
Assassin’s Creed: Empire
You are a tech support for Jk. You receive a mysterious caller, who orders you to use an Animus. You find out that you're ancestor is an Indian Assassin of the Indian Empire. You have to protect the townsfolk when the greedy Sultan wants to use a genie lamp to accomplish the goals of the Templars. Parkour in the Taj Mahal. Hidden katar, chakram, tiger claws, pata, etc. Traditional Indian music. You wear traditional robes plus a pointed turban. Kind of like the Aladdin movie which is the only thing I know about India
Assassin's Creed: Extremist
You are a US Marines Air Force SEALS CounterTerrorist Special Forces Black Ops Assassin during the War on Terrorism. ISIS is an Abstergo-funded organization. You have to defeat Abstergo and ISIS while at home and in the Middle East. Quests include defusing bombs, clearing an area, invading the homes of terrorists and assassinating them, foiling a terrorist plot, stopping Abstergo shipments, killing Templars, gathering intel, sniping ISIS, etc. You wear an army fatigue patterned cloak, a backpack, army boots, kevlar armor, and a strapped Army helmet with a tinted black visor. Weapons include grenades, flash bangs, smokes, AK’s, AR’s, sniper rifles, tactical knives, fireman axe, transparent riot shield, dual pistols, and hidden blade. Eagle vision works as night vision. TEMPLARS DID 9/11! You can assassinate people by jumping from a helicopter. You can also interrogate people in cutscenes. You can also use a drone as an eagle. Muslim prayers in the city and dramatic score for war. Winter soldier theme is an extra. Based on movies like American Sniper, Zero Dark Thirty, other war films.
Assassin’s Creed: First Fleet
You are an Aboriginal Australian. Weapons include the waddy club, the boomerang, barbed spears, hidden barbed spearhead. When the first fleet comes, an assassin aboard meets you and warns you of a devious plot back on England. The templars plan to take over the land forcefully from the Aborigines. You decide to buddy up with the englishman in order to stop the templar invasion. The story is split between the Englishman and the Aborigine, allowing you to switch between them in combat, or as backup, just like in GTA V. You eventually kill the Templar, along with his idea of invasion. Outback open world and docks. Enemy ship docking. Traditional aboriginal music. You wear traditional Aboriginal clothes. Assassinate kangaroos and koalas. Helix rift on the Great Emu War.
Assassin’s Creed: Gold Eagle
You are an Albanian assassin. When the Ottomans took over your homeland and stole you from your family, you became a janissary with Skenderbeu. You join his rebellion and leave the Ottomans to rejoin the Albanians and save it from invasion. You fight against the Ottoman to defend the “Land of the Eagles”. Weapons include the curved sword, pikes, axes, long curved sword, bow, javelin, cannons, maces, the hidden stacked blade. You can climb up the castle in Krujë. Outfit underneath is the traditional white linen robes, except the black and red embroidered vest is longer and more like an assassin’s cloak and an albanian eagle and the white cap points down to cover the face. On top is normal scale and chainmail armor and a ram headed helmet that shrouds the face. Open world mountains+castle parkour. Skenderbeu theme from the 1954 movie.
Assassin’s Creed: Greaser
You are a greaser Assassin, and you have 50’s gang fights against the soc Templars. Hidden comb. Based on The Outsiders, West Side Story, Grease, and any other 50’s greaser culture.
Assassin’s Creed: Great War
You are an Allied Assassin during the time of WW1. You hear that Franz Ferdinand will be assassinated by the Templars in hopes of starting a chain reaction leading to a global war, so you go to Bosnia. However, you fail to stop the Black Hand, a Serbian sub-section of Templars, and the archduke is assassinated, leading to the Great War. You can visit cities like London, Paris, Austria-Hungary, Berlin, Russia, and everywhere else in Europe. You enlist in the British army and you are sent to the trenches. Eagle vision can be used to see over the trenches. Weapons include the hidden bayonet, rifle for shooting and clubbing and stabbing, machine guns, grenades, mustard gas, shrapnel shell, mortars, artillery guns, flamethrowers, mines, barbed wire, trench knives, sabers, and pistols. Quests include retrieving a body for a grieving family in Britain, riding in u-boats, having dogfights in biplanes, using tanks, decoding things like the Zimmerman telegram, decorating no man’s land with mines and barbed wire, assassinate Templars, killing the Red Baron in a dogfight, and assassinate German generals. Eagle vision can be used to see enemies through mustard gas and also spot out mines on no man’s land. Your outfit is a black and grey assassin trench coat, including a gas mask connected to the hood, which allows you to go through the mustard gas. Trench assassination can happen where you jump into the trench like an air assassination and assassinate the German Templars. With a biplane you can do a leap of faith with a parachute, dogfight against other planes, or bombard cities. Trenches can also be looted after they have been mortared. Dunkirk and wonder woman theme.
Assassin’s Creed: Holocaust
You are a Polish Jew during the holocaust with Creed lineage. He takes the family heirlooms, his great grandfather’s cloak and blade, with him before Nazis take his mom and the rest of town. He follows them close behind as they are led on a train. The assassin jumps on the train and rides it to camp, without alerting the Nazis. He helps the camp prisoners. However, when trying to steal bread for his mom, a Nazi catches him and he is taken prisoner. Before he is gassed, he escapes and rescues the rest of them. Then he starts a rebellion amongst the prisoners and they burn down the camp. The assassin then goes into Germany as a spy, giving info to e Americans. Once he gets close to Hitler, the war is over. On a mission for personal revenge, he tracks down Hitler in the bunker and kills the whole room, making it look like suicide. Side quests: attack guards stealthily, steal food, find medicine in Berlin, assassinate high officials, help hide Jews, decode messages, learn attack plans. Can use hook blade across telephone wires. Weapons include hidden harpe (sword+hook), mines, hidden pistol, grenade, and rifle (shooting and clubbing). You can also go to Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor. German and jewish songs soundtrack. Based on stuff like Schindler’s List
Assassin’s Creed: Kingdom
You are a Knight of the Round Table, working for King Arthur (in AC, King Arthur should be real, but people think he is fake because of legends and exaggeration and Templars covered it up) as an assassin during Medieval times. The templars and their evil king work to oppress the commoners and gain more of England’s land. You have an assassin’s hood and cloak made of chain mail, and full metal plate armor like knights wear, or Robin Hood type clothes with a low pointed hat and feather. Horses can be ridden in the game and yours has chain mail. Many main quests include castle defense and castle invading. The ultimate goal is to gain more land for your benevolent kingdom, while fending off Templars, saracens, vikings, and huns. Weapons include the hidden broadsword, a huge sword which can retract into your metal armor, cavalry lances,longbows, crossbows, poleaxes, falchion, throwing burning tar jar, war hammer, boar spear, scimitar, throwing axe, cannon, trebuchet, maces, claymore. Eagles can be used to see over enemy castles and leaps of faiths would be from castle towers or cliffs. Side quests include jousting, killing Templars, retrieving stolen goods, saving people from witch trials, and protecting the common folk. When battling Templars, you can jump horse to horse by assassinating them. You can also be captured by the Templars and be put in the dungeons. Poison king’s goblets is another way to assassinate. Trumpeting sounds and the braveheart score. Based on Monty Python stuff, Braveheart, and typical knights in shining armor movies
Assassin’s Creed: Legion
Weapons include gladius, spatha, pilum, bow, slings, hidden pugio, javelin, crossbow, falx, dolabra, dart, onager, scissor, falcata. You are a gladiator, but you are bought out of slavery when an assassin spectator saw you face a bigger enemy through skill and stealth. You join the brotherhood and free the slaves of the Coliseum, freeing your mates. Then you become an Assassin Legionnaire to aid the republic. You have to face Hannibal and a bunch of elephants from the South. You can also assassinate Commodus. Gladiator soundtrack and elephant trumpeting. You wear the Russell Crowe Gladiator fit, or a Legionnaire’s armor. Based on Gladiator
Assassin’s Creed: Martial Arts
Literally just Enter the Dragon: The Game
Assassin’s Creed: Noir
You are an old weary assassin during the Roaring Twenties/Great Depression in NYC and Harlem. The main timeline (1920s-30s) is completely black and white like a noir film. In the past, you used to be a fun naive and stubborn young assassin. On one of your missions, you failed and accidentally revealed the location of your Brotherhood’s base to the Templars, leading to their deaths. Now, you live a solitary life drowned in alcohol and cigars and navigating the world of sex and crime. You decide to take one last mission from a sexy flapper lady for money. You have to use your parkour skills to find evidence and your detective skills to solve the murder of the flapper’s husband. You quickly link this to the mafia. You target many mafia members and corrupt Templar politicians. In the end, the flapper turned out to be a Templar and betrays you. You walk into a dining hall and twenty mobsters come out of the curtains and you get ambushed. A Scarface type battle ensues, but you are eventually put down by a shotgunner. In the present day, you get out of the Animus and realize that the Templar that killed you was one of the founders of Abstergo. You notice his picture in the hall and realize that Abstergo is Templar. You escape the building and assassinate everyone in your path, until you escape by the rooftops. You wear long trench coats and bowler hats, or long coat tail tuxedos with the assassin’s creed symbol as the collar, and drive cars. In NYC, you can climb up brownstone buildings and fire escapes, as well as skyscrapers and construction sites and steel beams. Weapons include the tommy gun, revolver, a cane sword, molotov cocktail, hidden ice pick and grappling hook, baseball bat, mp38 uzi, and brass knuckles. You can jump on top of cars and assassinate drivers, or get close to them in casinos. Imagine inviting a mob boss to dinner, going into the near empty bar, shaking his hand, activating the hidden ice pick, and then putting your hand on his neck and stabbing him cleanly, with no one noticing, and leading him to the alleyway, hiding the body in a pile of trash, and mission complete comes up on screen. It would have a godfather feel and jazz music. You can also visit Chicago, Al Capone, and the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Based on noir films like Scarface, Public Enemy, and Maltese Falcon.
Assassin’s Creed: Nomad
You are a hunnic Assassin during the Nomadic barbarian rule of Mongolia. Genghis Khan. Assassinate Gegeen Khan. Set up nomadic camps. War chants music. Recurve bows and horseback shooting. Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan appear and Attila and Marco Polo.
Assassin’s Creed: Red Star
You are an assassin in Communist Russia. It turns out that after the october revolution, the templars took over and made a communist regime, equally as evil and corrupt as the last one. You have to assassinate templars while staying under the radar of the government. Stealth is extremely important. Being spotted is nearly always fatal. Weapons include sickles, hammers, rifles, AK-47, and the hidden blade. Anthem march music and Atomic Blonde score. You wear a thick, furred Army coat and a Russian ushanka. You are a double spy in the Cold War. Templars try to cause nuclear tension and start the Cuban Missile Crisis. You also go to Dallas to see JFK. Based on Cold War propaganda films like The Hunt for Red October, James Bond films, and also Atomic Blonde. Parkour the frickin berlin wall
Assassin’s Creed: Regime
You are an Assassin in NK. You are the last assassin in North Korea after the Korean War. The reason the assassins are still alive is because of extreme secrecy and it is passed down father to son ever since the Korean War left North Korean assassins isolated from the rest of the world. Your grandfather assassinated Kim Il-Sung, and your father assassinated Kim Il-Jong, but the public never found out. It is your turn to assassinate Kim Jong-Un and hopefully dismantle the government for good and reunite with South Korea. You do this by hijacking the tvs and radios, making the assassination public. Then you must escape the palace, take a village of North Koreans, assassinate the border guards, and cross over through the demilitarized zone to South Korea. You have to assassinate templars while staying under the radar of the government. Stealth is extremely important. Being spotted is nearly always fatal. Weapons include the hidden blade, throwing stars, spear, two section staff, fan, etc. Propaganda sounds and kpop deadass jk. The game is played over all three generations. You wear an old Korean assassin cloak along with a red scarf. Quests include smuggling North Koreans out of the country, destroying cameras, getting food, raiding plutonium factories, assassinating government, and killing the Great Leaders.
Assassin’s Creed: Shogun/Samurai
You are a Japanese samurai assassin during Feudal/Empirical Japan. Weapons include katana, shuriken, hidden kunai and chain, etc. Traditional japanese music. You wear long bamboo armor, ninja robes, and pointed shogun or kendo helm. Your master is cut down by Templars, making you a Ronin. Assassinate Emperor. Based on movies like the Last Samurai
Assassin’s Creed: Slasher
Assassin’s Creed in the slasher film genre. Take place 1960-1990 in suburban towns. The assassin has to find the monster after discovering its victims (plays a similar role as the policeman in most slasher flicks). Assassinate the killer before the last victim. Weapons include standard slasher weapons like Jason’s machete, Freddy’s glove, a butcher knife, chainsaw, noose, etc
Assassin’s Creed: Sparta
You are a Spartan Assassin. You meet many philosophers, kings, and heroes. You travel to Athens, Sparta, and Crete, where an evil king rules. You are captured in an attempted assassination, and forced to do 12 great deeds for the king, leading to you hunting many animals and heroes. Your last deed is to slay the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. When you come out of servitude, you join the Siege of Troy. You hide in the Trojan Horse, pillaging Troy overnight. However, when you come back, you find your family murdered by the king. You assassinate the king, and then you must escape out of the labyrinth as the guards are on your tail, using a ball of string. Weapons include the kopis, doru, xiphos, javelins, bows, labrys, slings, ballista, greek fire, hidden xiphos, cestus gloves, harpe. Naval combat is included, such as ramming, boarding, and ballista-ing. Panpipes, lyres, and other stuff. You wear common bronze hoplite armor with a long leather skirt and a Greek plumed helmet. You can also participate in the olympic games. Based on movies like Troy and 300.
Assassin’s Creed: Underworld
You are John Wick, who is an assassin, but also an Assassin. John Wick turns out to be in the Assassin’s Creed universe. The criminal underworld is littered with rogue assassins and templars. The high table are templars for example. The only safe ground between them is the Continental. This is going to be basically the modern story of Assassin’s Creed. Abstergo is the founder of the high table. You have to assassinate Abstergo in order to stop the high table in the coming war, all while you are hunted down with billions of dollars on your head by other rogue Assassins. Your doggie is a playable character ha.
Assassin’s Creed: Union
You are a slave of the South during the start of the Civil War. Templars are confederates, who want to use easy labor to construct their new world order, while Assassins are Union and fight for freedom. One day, a band of Union assassins take over your masters land and free you. You decide to join the Assassins in order to free more slaves from the Deep South. You follow Abraham Lincoln and William Sherman and Ulysses Grant across the battlefields, including naval warfare. Weapons include musket, hidden bayonet, saber, artillery gatling gun, cutlass, cleaver, club, and pistol sword. Battle march/slave songs music. You wear a blue assassins creed Union uniform or a top hat and defeat red templars. You can fight off draft riots in NY (like in Gangs of New York) and free slaves from plantations (like in Django Unchained) and march to the sea. You fail to stop a templar, John Wilkes Booth, from killing Lincoln. Quests include fighting battles, fighting naval battles, getting supplies, freeing slaves, saving Lincoln, fighting off the draft riots, saving people from lynching, and send a message. Based on “Gangs of New York” and Django Unchained.
Assassin’s Creed: Vietcong
Fight against Vietcong Templars, liberate prisoners of war, rambo stuff. Based on vietnam war movies.
Assassin’s Creed: Vikings
You are a Norse assassin aboard a Viking longship. You must protect your village from invaders. You also travel to Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland (Newfoundland). In Vinland, you have to defend against Native Americans. Naval combat is included. Side quests include finding lost runestones, raiding a rival camp, and finding new land. Weapons include axe, claymore, hammer, spear, etc. Traditional Norse music and battle horns. Based on the relevant side of Thor movies
Assassin’s Creed: Wasteland
You are a Mad Max type road warrior Assassin after a nuclear apocalypse destroys society, making the Earth a gang riddled wasteland of oil and sand. While on the road looking to scrap by, a gang called the Templars tails you and pushes you off the road. They kill your dog and when they are about to kill you, you're hidden blade pops out and stabs them, making them run away. You chase them on the road for revenge for your dog. You get captured when you find the Capital were the rest of the templars live under the rule of the grandmaster. You escape, but take a piece of eden unknowingly. A whole war party chases you down the road. You have to jump from car to car. Eventually you take over the War Rig, with the grandmaster inside. You assassinate him and blow up the rest of the war party. Then you drive back to the capital and free the impoverished and radiation sick. Weapons include the hidden chrome blade, the double necked flamethrower guitar, sawn off double barrel shotgun, handgun, boom spear, hook and chain, chainsaw, hidden dart gun, wrench, harpoon, and dagger. You wear a torn and tattered black leather coat. Doof warrior and junkie xl music. Quests include scavenging, finding allies, killing Templars. You can jump vehicle to vehicle, doing assassinations this way too. You can climb big big rocks, small small sand dunes, the capital, big monster trucks, etc. Based on Mad Max, Twilight Zone, I Am Legend, etc.
Assassin’s Creed: Wild West
You are a Clint Eastwood-looking assassin who shimmered into the Wild Western boomtown by horse during the time of Expansionism and California Gold Rush. The templars own most of the towns in the area in order to access more oil and gold. You have to defeat corrupt sheriffs, robbers, hostile Natives, outlaws, drunk cowboys, greedy industrialists, and Gold Rush robber barons. You help the oppressed town people. You can fight in duels and saloon fights. You can travel across the West by horse or train, including prospecting during the Gold Rush. You can fire rifles at approaching riders from the rooftops. Side quests include sharpshooting mini games, accompanying a family traveling by wagon, substituting for a man to duel, eavesdropping on corrupt sheriffs, saving people from hanging, finding stolen gold for prospectors. You can also perform a roof assassination, where you use eagle vision to see through a roof, you jump up over the target, break through the wooden roof, and assassinate him. Weapons include a deck of cards to get the enemy’s attention, hidden blades, bowie knives, wrist revolvers (pistol whipping, shooting, and butting), hatchet, bow, lasso, musket, caltrops, sand grenade, and dynamite stick. Your outfit is a Mexican hooded poncho and a pointed down cowboy hat, with coats and leather armor. Western (Dollars, High Plains Drifter, Django) soundtrack. You can meet Jesse James, rob banks with your own gang, meet Billy the Kid. Based on spaghetti westerns like Eastwood films, Django Unchained, The Magnificent Seven. Templars are also interested in the Gold Rush because they believe a piece of Eden to be hidden in California.
Assassin’s Creed: Fourth Wall
You play as an assassin that breaks the 4th wall and holds ubisoft hq hostage until they make all of the games on this list
WW1 Assassin and Templar
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Want to go to Russia (St Petersburg) for 72 hours without a visa? I did it, and will attempt to create a fairly comprehensive guide for those interested.

For many countries' citizens, including almost all of the west, a visa is required to enter Russia. However, there is one notable exception. Here are the basic rules and info:
  1. You can only stay in Russia for 72 hours. The clock starts once you cross Russian border control after getting off the ferry in the morning.
  2. You must book a round-trip ferry with St. Peter Line. They have everything arranged so you follow all the rules. You must enter AND leave Russia via this ferry. You may not enter or leave by plane, bus, train, car, horse, etc.
  3. You must book a tour. Now, this is a bit of a gray area. St Peter Line automatically books you a $25 "tour" that is literally a shuttle bus between the ferry terminal and St Isaac's Cathedral (plus a few other places along the way but the cathedral is the most central). You can ride it as many times as you want. If you want to purchase a different guided tour then I don't believe you need to purchase the shuttle bus "tour". Technically you are supposed to stay on the guided tour the entire time but this is a bit of a loophole that St Peter Line takes advantage of (don't worry you won't get in trouble with any Russian authorities).
  4. You may not leave St Petersburg and go anywhere else in Russia. This is another gray area (e.g. I'm not sure if Peterhof is okay but your time will be limited enough as it is so just stay in the center) but I would not abuse this one. You're doing that at your own risk.
  5. You also may book a cruise (e.g. it stops at each port for a limited time) and enjoy 72 hours visa-free with St Peter Line or another company (some companies this doesn't apply to so be careful). If you do this you MUST return to the boat each night. You cannot book accomodation.
  6. If you book the ferry then you can stay in a hostel, hotel, or probably an AirBnb or with a friend (another gray area, you're supposed to have a booking confirmation but we were not asked to present it at any time). So hostel or hotel is safer. You may stay 2 nights maximum.
  7. The boats do hold cars but you need a visa to travel with a car.
Other general information:
  1. There are two boats: Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia. Maria only goes between Helsinki and St Petersburg and Anastasia travels different combinations of routes between Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg and Tallinn.
  2. From Tallinn or Helsinki your journey is about 14 hours and will most likely be overnight, arriving around 8 AM. From Stockholm it's more like 38 hours and still leaves in the evening and arrives around 8 AM just with another day in between.
  3. The boats are essentially cruise ships (they use them for the cruises as well) with restaurants, live entertainment and a casino (though rumors are it's rigged so be careful). The food is decent but the service is generally unfriendly. The entertainment quality varies. Which brings me to my next point.
  4. How much does this all cost? It's actually quite affordable. It's best to go in a group of 2, honestly. The cheapest cabins sleep 2 and have private bathrooms. For round trip ferry (and 2 nights accomodation on board) was 188 euro for 2 people, so less than 100 each. That includes the mandatory $25 "tour". But you get a bit of the Ryanair treatment. Nothing is included; if you want to watch a movie, swim in the pool or even use the wifi you will have to pay. The free wifi is very good in the Helsinki terminal though (but not in St Petersburg.)
  5. Don't drink the boat tap water! Not even for teeth brushing. My friend got sick and we aren't sure it was from that but it was probable. In general don't drink the tap water in Russia either.
  6. You aren't allowed to bring food or alcohol on board. I wasn't aware and had food in my bag but the bags go through a scanner and no one said anything. So do what you want.
Personally I'd recommend Maria from Helsinki. That's what I did and the route for Anastasia is a bit odd. (Sidenote: if you're in Tallinn, take the super nice ferry to Helsinki!) Remember you have to leave within 72 hours and the ferries don't run every day (most days though). So for example here was my route.
Depart Helsinki September 23rd 18:00, arrive St Petersburg September 24th 8:30.
So I had until roughly September 27th at 8:30 to leave. But you'll have to leave the night before.
So I booked the 24th and 25th in a hostel, and the return ferry was the 26th and left St Petersburg at 17:00. But if there happens to be no return ferry on that date, you'll need to leave a day earlier or change your departure date.
The process:
It's honestly a lot simpler than I originally thought even though I'm going into a bit of detail here. Basically:
  1. Book your round trip ferry and be sure the dates are within 72 hours like I mentioned above. If you really wanna do Anastasia it might be worth contacting St Peter Line to confirm the schedule and how long it stops at each port. You will have the option during booking to add lots of extras like meals and such. I recommend passing on all of these. For the cheapest option for 2 select the B2 cabin and the mandatory shuttle bus "tour".
  2. Book accomodation for the 2 nights in between.
  3. Print your booking confirmation for both the boat and your accomodation. Don't forget your passport either.
  4. You may check in for the ferry several hours early if you want and up until about an hour before (I think 30 min in Helsinki but don't push it, get there earlier). You need your passport and your boat booking confirmation. You will receive a boarding card, arrival card and departure card. The boarding card is also your room key and has your room number on it.
  5. You can get on the boat now if you wish or wait until later depending on how much time you have. You'll go through Schengen exit border control and security.
  6. Enjoy the boat! I recommend getting down to the exit point a bit early the next morning to beat the queue at Russian border control. It won't matter as much going back into Schengen.
  7. Give the Russian border agent your passport and arrival card. They will keep the arrival card and fill out a migration card for you. Don't lose it. You get to see what your name looks like in Russian.
  8. Look for small unmarked vans outside (I'm serious). These are the "tour" shuttles. Show them your departure card but hold onto it. They'll take you to the city center. You already paid for this so might as well take advantage of it. Don't get ripped off by a taxi.
  9. Enjoy St. Petersburg! They may ask at your accomodation for your visa but explain your situation and show them the papers and you'll be fine.
  10. Don't miss your shuttle and especially don't miss the ferry back. You'll receive the shuttle schedule at check-in the first time. Don't worry, there will be a convoy of the vans each time so there is room. I don't recommend taking the last one.
  11. Remember to check in again at the terminal before going to passport control! You'll receive a second boarding card. When passing through Russian border control again give them your passport, the boarding card, departure card and the stamped card you got the first time. They'll keep the latter two papers.
  12. Enjoy the ferry back and the fact that you made it to Russia visa-free!
Useful info for Russia:
  1. You won't have anywhere near enough time to really explore St Petersburg but you'll get a nice taste. Do NOT miss the Hermitage/Winter Palace complex. It is incredible and you could spend 72 hours there alone. Cathedral of Spilled Blood is awesome too. Do a walking tour. Eat at Marketplace and Teremok. Try Georgian food too if you can. Soul Kitchen is supposed to be a fantastic hostel. I stayed at Cubahostel which was decent. I'm not going too in depth in this area, do more research on your own :)
  2. It helps to learn the Cyrillic alphabet because words are pronounced as they are spelled and many sound like English words. This was definitely rewarding and quite useful.
Also you may read that you need a letter of invitation or a paid hotel voucher. You don't. Only for a visa. Maybe TECHNICALLY you do but everyone I asked including St Peter line and my hostel said just bring a booking confirmation. We were not asked to present this but it's definitely worth bringing.
Anything else I missed feel free to ask in the comments. I did ramble a bit here because I'm on a flight with nowhere to go but honestly the process is much simpler than I originally thought. Do it. St Petersburg is a beautiful city.
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Cord-cutters Guide to Motorsports 2016

 **Cord Cutters Guide to Motorsports - 2016 ** 

Table of Contents -


NASCAR - Cup, xFinity, Trucks (Over the air listings) NASCAR - Online resources ARCA Racing NHRA Indycar Races (Over the air listings) Indycar - Online resources United Sports Car Series 24 Hrs Le Mans Continental Tire Challenge Series World Rally Championship (WRC) Redbull Global Rallycross - (Redbull GRC) F1 British Touring Car Championship - (BTCC) German Touring Car Championship Blancpain GT Series V8 Supercars V8 Utes Race of Champions (ROC) Short Track (Dirt and Paved oval) racing SCCA Goodwood 24Hrs of LeMons
List of online/streaming motorsports content providers
Introduction If you’re reading this, you’re likely a motorsports fan interested in “cutting the cord”, and may be worried about not being able to watch your favorite races if you do tell your cable or satellite provider, to “shove it”. Or, maybe you recently cut the cord, and now you’re panicking, wondering how you'll watch all of your favorite racing now that you’ve returned the cable box to the cable company? The past few years, I’ve tried to put together as complete a list of on-line and OTA resources as possible, and share it here, at the CordKillers Reddit. I can’t promise that’s it’s 100% complete, but I can tell you I’ve done a lot of research into this subject, and anything/everything I’ve found is here for you to use, and hopefully you’ll find it all somewhat useful.
I would suggest that if you’re even half the motorsports fan that I am, that you consider taking some of the money you won’t be sending to your cable company, and spend it going to some races at your local short tracks. Dirt or pavement, it’s likely that not too far away from you, every weekend, there’s exciting racing to watch, live and in person. Countless people work hard to put on that show every week, from the track owner, the track promoters, the safety crews, the racers, and their friends and family that help them every week. Take some time to attend a local short track race near you in 2016.
And, if you’re a small business owner, looking for a way to promote your business, you won’t find a more passionate group of potential customers than motorsports fans. Hey, you already know this, you are a motorsports fan! Consider contacting your local track and inquiring about sponsoring part of their facility.
If you’re looking for opportunities to sponsor a driver, consider contacting Melinda Sewell and Melissa Collins at They have a driveteam for every budget. They helped me find a team that was perfect for my business, and they can help you too!
And now, “The List”


Over the Air -

While many NACAR races will be on Fox and NBC’s cable sports channels, some races will be broadcast and available over the air.

Scheduled NASCAR Sprint Cup races to be available *over-the-air *-

02/13/16 - Sprint Unlimited - Daytona International Speedway (Fox) 02/21/16 - Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway (Fox) 02/28/16 - Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway (Fox) 03/06/16 - Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Fox) 03/13/16 - Good Sam 500 at Phoenix International Raceway (Fox) 03/20/16 - Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. (Fox) 04/09/16 - Duck Commander 500 at Texas Motor Speedway (Fox) 04/17/16 - Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway (Fox) 04/24/16 - Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond International Raceway (Fox) 05/01/16 - GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway (Fox) 05/29/16 - Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Fox) 07/02/16 - Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway (NBC) 09/04/16 - Bojangles' Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway (NBC) 10/08/16 - At Charlotte Motor Speedway (NBC) 10/16/16 - Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway (NBC) 11/06/16 - AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway (NBC) 11/13/16 - Can-Am 500 at Phoenix International Raceway (NBC) 11/20/16 - Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway (NBC)

NASCAR xFinity Series - available over-the-air -

03/12/16 - Axalta Faster. Tougher. Brighter. 200 Phoenix International Raceway - Avondale, AZ (FOX) 04/30/16 - Talladega 300 Talladega Superspeedway - Talladega, AL (FOX) 05/14/16 - Dover 200 Dover International Speedway - Dover, DE (FOX) 05/28/16 - Hisense 300 Charlotte Motor Speedway - Concord, NC (FOX) 07/23/16 - Lilly Diabetes 250 Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indianapolis, IN (NBC) 09/03/16 - VFW Sport Clips Help a Hero 200 Darlington Raceway - Darlington, SC (NBC) 11/05/16 - O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, TX (NBC) 11/19/16 - Ford EcoBoost 300 Homestead-Miami Speedway - Homestead, FL (NBC)

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series - available over-the-air -

10/22/16 - Fred's 250 Talladega Superspeedway - Talladega, AL (FOX)
NASCAR has gotten better in recent years, providing fans with on-line access.

NASCAR online content

1. NASCAR Mobile - (iOS and Android) NASCAR news. Live content (in-car radio, live leaderboards, live-in-car cameras, etc free to Sprint Cellular customers w/ Unlimited data plan, $24.99/yr for non-Sprint customers)
I use this app constantly, often muting the TV and turning up the live-in-car audio from my favorite driver.
2. NASCAR Raceview - iOS app and web - live, animated, views of NASCAR races, in-car audio - What are the subscription costs for NASCAR RACEVIEW MOBILE?
$4.99 per month via iTunes or Google Play $39.99 per season via iTunes or Google Play Sprint offers NASCAR RACEVIEW MOBILE without subscription to their customers on a Sprint device with an Unlimited data plan
3. NASCAR Racebuddy -
Live streaming of in-car video of NASCAR Sprint Cup and xFinity races.
4. NASCAR also has full race replays on it's YouTube page -
Radio/Streaming audio - You can tune into live streaming audio (radio simulcasts) of NASCAR races at -

ARCA Racing

Access to live streaming audio and timing and scoring -


Live Timing - NHRA Videos -
Update New in 2016 - NHRA "All-Access". Every event from the 2016 Mello Yello Drag Racing Series – live streamed or on demand. Subscribe for $99.95 a season. Go to for more information.

Indycar Races - available over-the-air -

No, I didn’t forget about the Indycar Series fans!
Here is the schedule of Indycar Races that will be available over-the-air (All on ABC stations)
3/13 Streets of St. Petersburg ABC
5/14 Angie's List Grand Prix of Indianapolis ABC
5/29 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race ABC
6/4 Chevrolet Dual in Detroit Race 1 ABC
6/5 Chevrolet Dual in Detroit Race 2 ABC

Indycar Online Content

The Indycar App now allows for video/telemetry, etc, depending on your Cell provider. Verizon customers have the most features with this app.
Exclusive Features to Verizon Wireless devices • Interactive 3D Live View (Beta) with real-time leader board and car telemetry Enhanced real-time leader board with 2D marching ants and car telemetry Live in-car camera video streaming for select drivers during IndyCar races Live driver and pit crew transmissions audio streaming during IndyCar races Live INDYCAR radio broadcast audio streaming during all track activities
Features Available to All Carrier devices Real-time leader board Championship Points-As-They-Run leader board Podcasts (INDYCAR Radio, INDYCAR Media Release & Trackside) Optional on-device notification alerts when IndyCar race starts and ends and for breaking news Current track weather and forecast Favorite driver and team selection for quicker access to follow Exclusive VOD race highlights, crashes, driver interviews, INDYCAR 101 & technologies, historical race footage, and more Breaking news and photo galleries Standings, race results, schedule, and race extras such as high-resolution track map images and spotter guides Driver profiles and Racing team profiles INDYCAR social twitter feeds INDYCAR 101 and more

United Sports Car Series

Almost all 2016 races will be on Fox Sports 1 and 2.
One race will be available over-the-air
07/23/16 - Northeast Grand Prix - Lime Rock Park (FOX)
IMSA TV does stream replays of all races, and sometimes offers live video of races not being broadcast (the overnight racing of a 24 hour race for instance) also has IMSA video content available.

2016 24 Hrs Le Mans
iOS and Android apps are available, from which you can purchase a $9.99 pass for just the 2016 24Hrs of LeMans streaming video, or a $29.99 pass for the entire WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship) racing season.
In 2015, switched between the feed from the #64 C7.R and the English main 24hrs LeMans feed. All are commercial free! Streaming the live video from my iPhone to my AppleTV, video quality looked great, very little buffering, if any.
Radio LeMans -

Continental Tire Challenge Series

Every Continental Tire Challenge race will be streamed live in its entirety on and the IMSA mobile app. - See more at:

World Rally Championship (WRC)

WRC offers a subscription service, WRC+ that offers access to live video content, as well as race replays.
EUR 49.99,- per year for the annual subscription.
Use the Promo code "WRC2016" (no quotes-make sure WRC is in all caps) to get 20% off WRC plus. Once subscribed go into your profile and cancel your subscription. Why? Because your purchased subscription will stay active, but auto-renewal will be disabled. So you'll have a chance to take advantage of 20% off next year. (Thanks for pointing this out dusto_man!)
The RedBullTV channel on the AppleTV has 1hr highlight shows of all 2014 WRC Rally events. RedBullTV has hour long post-rally reviews for 2016. Monte Carlo is already up now.
Go to "RedBullTV" on your AppleTV, once in the RedBullTV app, select "Sports". Then select "Motorsports". Then scroll down to "Shows" and look for WRC.
Lucas Oil Racing also offers WRC content, in addition to several other racing series at For $60/yr So far, 2015 highlight episodes are available, no 2016 content so far.

Redbull Global Rallycross - (Redbull GRC)

All GRC events are broadcast live on NBC over the air
All GRC events are also streamed live on
All of the 2015 GRC Lites competitions are available via the RedBull App on the AppleTV


Edited Race Replays available at -

British Touring Car Championship - (BTCC)
Live timing data and audio is avaialbe
Races available on the iTV Player
Video highlights available on the web site.

FIA WTCC (World Touring Car Chalenge) Series

First race will be available for free.
New streaming service/app includes:
Live Video Races on-demand (previous seasons for free) Access through web site or app Rewind, pause, play, time shift Stats Highlights
14.95 euro per round/race event, 99.95 euro a season (previous seasons/archive content - FREE)

Blancpain GT Series

Live race video - (This page is currently down. Will update when more information is available)
Highlights are still available at -
Also available on -

V8 Supercars

39.99AU membership for live video
Also available on -

V8 Utes Championship

Available on -

Race of Champions (ROC)

Available on -

Short Track (Dirt and Paved oval) racing

Speed51TV and

Once again in 2016, Speed51TV and FansChoiceTV will team up to provide a free broadcast of the 50th World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing (Twitter hashtag: #NewSmyrnaWS) on
On-demand replays of the racing will also be available later at


Speed51 is now offering monthly and yearly paid memberships. The yearly membership includes a 10% discount on all major PPV Live Race content. Both include access to race highlights, stories, and interviews from the world of short track racing. Speed 51 has expanded it’s live broadcasts of short track racing quite a bit in the past year or two. Yes, allot of the content, like the Snowball Derby, is PPV, but when you consider that this is racing that you otherwise wouldn’t get to see at all, unless you were at the track, it’s a great service at a great price. If you're a motorsports fan, and want more cord cutting-friendly options, you should really support them and find a PPV event you'd like to watch this year.
$7.99/mo $59.99/yr (Includes 10% discount on PPV events)

Racing Boys TV

The other site broadcasting some great short track racing, is They once again aired PPV coverage of the first 5 days of preliminary racing for the 2016 Chili Bowl Nationals.

Additional On-Line resources for short track racing content


Dirt Nation TV

"The Battle at Berlin 251"

CordKilling Motorsports Fans - Another option to satisfy your hunger for racing online - "The Battle at Berlin 251" will be available streaming PPV - June 2016
"The Battle at Berlin 251" has become one of those short track races that attracts drivers from all over the country. The 2015 race attracted drivers such as, Chase Elliott, Bubba Pollard, John Hunter Nemechek, and Ross Kenseth.
Again, if you want to see more options for Cordcutting motorsports fans, and you love great short track racing, this should be on your list to watch.

Lucas Oil Racing TV

Another option for getting your racing fix on-line is For $60/yr you get access to -
As well as car shows like “Two Guys Garage”, “My Classic Car”, and “Chop Cut Rebuild”

USAC Racing Monthly Membership / Yearly Membership
USD 9.95/mo / USD 99.95/yr

Legend Cars/INEX

The Winter Nationals (Monday 2/15-Friday 2/19) as well as the Summer ShootOut will air on

The International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) / offers Live PPV and On-Demand short track racing. Check out for a full list of all the racing action!

SpeedShift TV Live and On-Demand Short Track racing.

The SCCA Solo Nationals are streaming LIVE on, just search for SCCA. The videos are also available on-demand after live competition has concluded.

The SCCA Runoffs are being streamed on USTREAM -

Just search for SCCA. The content is available live this week, as well as on-demand after competition has concluded each day.

Watch the Goodwood Revival’s Vintage Racing Live, All Weekend, Right Here -

24Hrs of LeMons

List of online/streaming motorsports content providers

Speed51 -
Race22 -
Lucas Oil Racing -
Motor Trend -
Fans Choice TV -


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Almost sunk the boat in Tampa Bay, Fishing Weedon Island ...

The 2019 Aquila 36 is a power catamaran that blends plentiful live aboard space and qualities perfect for socializing with rugged strength and control. Offer... Boat trips and sightseeing tours on the NEVA river , St Petersburg Russia Narration in French during the vidéo It’s only due to the water that you can feel t... Special thanks to Gvidon Tours and MS Rachmaninov crewContact me [email protected] Salt Creek Marina is the largest full service boat yard and do-it-yourself boat haul out facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. Salt Creek is accessible from T... We took the boat "Big Timers" out to fish the Chamberlain Reef and Weedon Island but on return we hit some big waves and a rivet came out. Water started fill... This is a slot machine bonus win on St Petersburg at Parx Casino on 3-12-10 Boats lined up to start the parade at ROC Park, 200 Rex Place Madeira Beach and made their way down the shore ending at John's Pass Village. John’s Pass was ... Saint Petersburg, Russia is known as the city of embankments, bridges and rivers. "Back to Old Petersburg" boat cruise proves it. It is nowadays the most ful... #walkingtour #sanpetersburgo #sanpietroburgo #traveltour #4kwalk #citywalk #walktuber #4K #travelrussia #russia #piterWalking and boat trip in Saint Peters... Boat Trip, in Neva River St. Petersburg, Russia.