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List of Pro Tips & Non-Obvious Mechanics

Hey StardewValley! Given the influx of new players here, I thought I'd share a list of the tips & tricks I've discovered myself or gathered over time to help players both old & new. This sub's been great for inspiration, & I wanted to give back to you guys. Even experienced players can play dozens of hours without ever discovering the things here. It's not a guide on how-to basics (e.g. watch TV); that's beyond the scope of this list. For that, I recommend checking out the FAQ & Wiki.
If you're looking for a way to take full screenshots of your farm (& any other area), check out my guide here. Also, check out this site by u/kihashi for a great way to track bundles (sub), and this site for fish (link is dead - if this tool was moved rather than closed, please let me know if you have any info about it!)
Last Updated: 15 October 2020. Total number of tips so far: 133!
Added/revised in latest update: updated formatting for spoilers (thanks u/Blixtmen).
Check back from time to time to see what's new!

Farm & Buildings

  1. Place scarecrows, sprinklers or lights on flooring/paths to prevent the hoe from digging them up.
  2. Left-click to drop a sellable item you're holding into the shipping box directly without opening the inventory.
  3. Retrieve the last shipped item from the box by right-clicking on the shipping box & clicking on the shipped item.
  4. With upgraded tools, hold down the button to increase the area of effect. This seems obvious, but a surprising number of people miss it (e.g. watering cans not only have better capacity, but water more tiles & in different patterns if held down). Bonus: tool sparkle colour corresponds to the upgrade level.
  5. The pickaxe can undo tilled soil.
  6. All tiles above tilled dirt that uncovered an item (always clay except winter) will also contain that item. Video. (Patched, thanks u/greymeta).
  7. Shake trees for seeds. Edit: during the last 2 weeks of fall, maple trees drop hazelnuts instead of maple seeds (thanks u/rabidcow).
  8. If you don't get giant crops on harvest day, leave mature crops unharvested for a few days (ensure continued watering) & they'll form. The number of days needed varies; personal experience has been 4-12 days for fusion.
  9. You can plant fruit trees inside the greenhouse, both in the plot & on the floor outside the plot border. Planting behaviour differs slightly normal; you can plant trees in tilled & untilled soil here (unlike only untilled on farmland). The most efficient is my layout. You can plant more trees along the bottom edge, I chose not to as they obscure the view of the plot.
  10. There's a 0.5% chance that you can get ancient seeds from the seed maker instead of the same variety as the input crop. Blueberries & cranberries are great choices for farming ancient seeds.
  11. It's faster & easier to hold right-click while harvesting crops rather than clicking individually on every tile. Hold seed bags to replant the tiles simultaneously, saving time.
  12. Junimos can phase through trellis crops to harvest, so you can plant them without gaps. Remember they don't harvest when it's raining.
  13. The star quality of crops that you put into machines such as kegs has no effect on the end-product quality. To maximise profits, process the lowest star goods & sell the leftover higher star goods (unless you can afford to wait & process everything). However, note that cheese in casks is an exception. Cheese ages from base quality to silver (3d), to gold (4d), to iridium (7d). Putting in cheese that already has a star quality begins its processing at that stage, cutting down the days taken to reach the next higher quality, giving you quicker turnaround/profit. Therefore, star quality does have an impact on the end product here.
  14. You can place torches on fences, the floor, & behind objects/furniture.
  15. You can make oil from sunflower seeds, sunflowers, & corn in the oil maker (corn's usually overlooked).
  16. You can make wider fence gates by having a different kind of fence on either side of the gate. For instance, (HW) = hardwood fence, (W) = wood fence, & (G) = gate. Normally, you'd make (HW)(HW)(G)(HW)(HW). Instead, make (HW)(W)(G)(W)(HW). The stumps to which the gate is attached must be a different material than the main fence (it doesn't matter which), so another example: (W)(HW)(G)(HW)(W). Screenshot. This makes it easier for a horse to go through. Source. Edit: it doesn't necessarily need to be fences, as long as you disconnect the gate's stumps. The rest is cosmetic: other path blocking items (such as tub o' flowers) also work (thanks u/greymeta).
  17. Self-sustaining grass feeders can regenerate grass to keep fields green & animals fed. Grass spreads on its own (including from under fences), provided it isn't eaten first. Animals will only eat grass they can stand on; a feeder's a patch that we prevent them from eating. Lay down grass starters & put fences on top of it (suggested: 2x2, but any config's okay). After a few days, you get new grass around it that animals eat, while the grass underneath remains unharmed, making new grass around it. Screenshots w/ spread. Source. Guide w/ math. Edit: lightning rods work too (thanks u/Raichu7).
  18. To get flower honey, it doesn't matter if there are flowers around a bee house when the honey starts forming. They only need to be there when you collect it. Similarly, if you harvest a flower around a bee house that had flower honey ready for collection, it will become wild honey. Bonus: to get just "honey" (not wild honey), use the pickaxe on a bee house that's ready for collection to pick both up. This unlabelled honey doesn't serve any different purpose & sells for the same amount as wild honey. Just a little quirk.
  19. Use "indicator kegs" outside barns/sheds to signal when the kegs inside are ready for collection. Load all the kegs inside with fruit & load one outside (e.g. next to the door) just after. You don't need to go inside the barn to check whether the wine's ready - once you see the indicator keg's ready, the rest are too. Edit: currently, a known issue (as of 1.11) causes indoor & outdoor keg timers to go out of sync during festival days. Time elapsed when you come back to your farm (after the event) is only applied to the indicator, making them finish processing faster, yielding a false positive. Source (thanks u/GlassDeviant).
  20. If you're not carrying an axe/bomb, don't get boxed inside fencing/trellis crops. You won't be able to chop your way out. You'll have to sit there until you pass out. That is your life now. If you're carrying/able to craft a gate though, you can "overwrite" the fence with it and let yourself out (thanks u/idonteven93).
  21. Underrated side effect of the botanist perk: all foraged items use less inventory space (the same quality will stack). Very useful when collecting truffles.
  22. Farming in winter is not only possible, but potentially lucrative.
  23. You can axe away unwanted bushes in the forest farm, but note they won't grow back.
  24. Remember that Sandy sells unique seeds that you can't buy anywhere else.
  25. Plant grass starters on the 28th for batshit growth the next day. It's a good way to keep animals happy in a small space (thanks u/owlrecluse). Remember that grass dies in winter, so cut everything by fall 28 into hay; new grass will spawn in spring (thanks u/aznanywayz).
  26. A pickaxe isn't strictly necessary to pick up an object that usually needs it. Click on it repeatedly with an empty hand, & it will eventually pop up for collection (thanks u/owlrecluse). Edit: I tested it with sprinklers, kegs, oil makers, seed makers, recycling machines & cheese presses (gates too, thanks u/MuphynManOG).
  27. You don't need to remove broken fences before mending them. Just place a replacement on top of it even if the tile is red (thanks u/AlfLives).
  28. In the forest farm, tall grass can be planted on short grass, but will not spread there (thanks u/EndlessArgument).
  29. Remember that you can process coconuts & cacti in machines (e.g. preserves jar) (thanks u/blasek0). Buying coconuts from Sandy just to process them isn't worth it (math here), but if you have idle jars, throw in coconuts you find in (spoiler, unlockable area:) the desert for profit (thanks u/Psylisa).
  30. Fences decay over time unless you get the golden clock. Instead of making traditional fences you have to fix, you can make indestructible, functional fences by using objects such as preserves jars instead. See my farm for an example. Others include tub o' flowers, lightning rods, kegs, etc.
  31. Giant crops can survive indefinitely through the seasons (they don't die out like normal crops if they're not in season). If you just want some giants for aesthetics, don't harvest them & they'll live on even through winter. Example.
  32. As of 1.07, lightning is more likely to strike trees & crops, but lightning rods have a very good chance of intercepting them if they aren't already processing a battery (thanks u/Avarice0107).
  33. If you like having Junimos hang around your farm, fence in a harvestable crop/flower in the vicinity (single tile will do). Junimos will come out to harvest it, but the fence will prevent them from reaching it. This way, you can have them about all the time, not just on harvest days.
  34. Follow-up to #33: Junimo huts have a toggle harvest button. If you don't want Junimos to harvest but still like them hanging around, you can stop them by toggling it off. You still need ripe crops to lure them out (or else they stay in), but you can toggle it on/off midday, so you can have them harvest most crops & then just stay out until you want (thanks u/some_internet_rando). Update: use this to grow giant crops in range of the Junimo huts. Junimos don't harvest giants if they're already there, but this lets you leave ripe crops on the field for some time to fuse (see #8).
  35. To save time tilling the field for planting in a new season, leave crops planted that will die out on next season's day 1. You can then quickly clear away the dry plants with a scythe & be ready to plant new ones, so that you have more time to do other things on that day. Useful in the transition from winter to spring where you can use cheap winter seeds that you don't mind losing.
  36. If you blow up your Statue of Perfection with a bomb it is destroyed & does not drop as an item. However, you can just get another one by interacting with the shrine again. Source (thanks u/reverendsteveii).
  37. If you want to redesign your farm, the quickest way is to have Robin/Wizard move your buildings & use bombs to clear the rest. Note that explosives are destructive on certain items, so if you want to reuse something, remove it manually. For e.g. if you use the pickaxe to remove 1 tile stone fencing, you'll get 1 unit of stone fencing intact to reuse elsewhere. Bombing it turns it into 1 stone (2 units stone = 1 tile stone fencing, so you get back half the ingredients).
  38. Debris around the farm (e.g. wood) can spread, destroying placeable objects/crops when it does. Pathways prevent debris from spreading onto (& across) them. If you have a valuable crop such as starfruit or a rarecrow (some of them are irreplaceable) ensure you protect them by placing the scarecrow on a path & have paths around the crops (thanks u/ghoulavenger). Source.
  39. If you're lacking farm space to tap trees or need lots of resin to make kegs, use empty spaces outside the farm to plant trees there. See The Valley, Shops & Gifts #27 on how to plant trees outside the farm. Example.
  40. You can use a crystalarium trick to change any gem/mineral into another. Video & source.
  41. If you are dissatisfied with your choice of farm cave & want to change it, you can use the What FarmCave mod or edit your save file. Neither choice is the end of the world. They're not moneymakers; they just give you a nudge towards completing a relevant community center bundle.
  42. There's a secret passage in the forest farm (picture) (thanks u/ImTheBoo512). You can check all hidden walkable areas when placing buildings at Robin's (thanks u/pqkluan).
  43. You can put hats on the alien rarecrow!
  44. Make sure to have inventory space when you pick up the parsnip gift in your house on day 1. If it's full, it'll be discarded (thanks u/GreenPlazma).


  1. Hold bait while harvesting from crab pots to prevent accidentally picking them up & reload them in one go.
  2. Cast the fishing line at bubbles in the water for quicker bites.
  3. Fishing's not limited to water (you can fish in lava/swamps).
  4. You can pause time while fishing by clicking the on-screen journal button (not shortcut key). Fishing continues with the journal open. Once you hear a bite, close the journal to start reeling in the fish. This allows you to catch nearly 4x the fish in the same time, & hit a high fishing level early on. Edit: you need to have a quest in the journal for the button to show up; complete any quest & not collect the reward to keep it there (thanks u/greymeta) patched in 1.4 (thanks u/LandoChronus).
  5. It's possible to reach reach unreachable fishing spots like this by casting your line at an angle. Press the WASD keys once you start casting & it will move the hook slightly in that direction (thanks u/teibbes). Screenshots (thanks u/Kairuni).

Animals & Ranch

  1. Silos can be reloaded not just by cutting grass, but manually from outside & from within a coop/barn. Hold hay & right-click the silo/indoor dispenser to add it to the silo. This allows you to have less silos on your farm. Put a chest down nearby to hold multiple stacks of hay (much larger capacity than a silo) & just reload it when it gets low. Full tip here.
  2. Hold a piece of hay while petting animals to prevent the mood dialog from coming up & pet all quickly.
  3. You can place machines (e.g. mayo) inside barns/coops.
  4. If an animal is blocking your path inside or sleeping in an inconvenient spot, exit the barn/coop & come back to randomise their positions. Also works with pets in your house.
  5. The hitbox for cows is centered on the bottom of their sprite (makes sense: udders). It's fairly large, but does not cover the top of their sprite. To milk them, aim low, below their hooves. There's no specific order between animals, so if there's one you want to hit, aim away from overlaps (thanks u/rabidcow). On PC, get the Better Ranching mod to make this a lot better.
  6. Hold a tool that doesn't have a right-click action (such as the scythe or copper pan) while picking up eggs to prevent the dialog asking you to eat it from coming up (thanks u/KwinAlexander).
  7. You can use symbols when you name your animals. Use the = key to get a star in the name & + for a smiley face (not sure about the console equivalent).
  8. Further to #4, if a really stubborn animal is in your way, you can move them by clicking on their change/barn coop button & cancelling it out. When the screen closes, they will be in a different location (thanks u/aznanywayz).
  9. As of 1.2.x, you can now choose the colour of the animal you buy from Marnie, mentioned on the "choose a new for your " screen. If you don't get the one you want, cancel & re-roll until you do. Source. Relevant Shane's 8-heart event spoiler: this also applies to blue chickens, so you no longer need to depend on the 25% RNG which converts a regular chicken into a blue one.
  10. You can put hats on your horse (thanks u/fishfeathers).

Mining & Adventuring

  1. A floor in the mines containing tons of mushrooms (see video) spawns on a regular, predictable basis. It's very useful for money, completing bundles, & cooking.
  2. You can reset mine levels by re-entering the mine. I farmed iridium fairly quickly by repeatedly reloading skull cavern level 1.
  3. Get the slime charmer ring faster by killing big slimes in the skull cavern (they split into many tiny slimes, each count as 1 kill).
  4. You can till soil in the mines to find artifacts, cave carrots, clay, & geodes.
  5. You can tell the difference between regular rocks & rock crabs in the mines by glancing at their shadow. No shadow = it's a crab. (note: may not work any more). Bonus: hitting a rock crab with a pick will wake it up & it will attack you, but hitting it with a weapon does not (you get the PING & a 0 damage indicator. A bomb or explosive slingshot ammo will shatter the shell, & it'll run away from you instead. Using the pickaxe from above hits them down, so they don't come at you & do damage right away (thanks u/Caillielf). You can use the pickaxe to pop the shell too, though it takes a few swings (thanks u/Isalan).
  6. You can use eggs as slingshot ammo. Hide behind the bushes & egg people (you know you want to). Edit: you can also load it with ore for combat, & explosive ammo makes a decent combat/mining tool (thanks u/pimhazeveld).
  7. Holding C will allow you to spam weapon swings faster than you can manually click. This can make weapons such as daggers much more effective in combat. Also works with any swing-able tool (e.g. scythe).
  8. You can eat something while a bomb explodes to deny the damage & stop time for a bit (if you time it right). It still causes damage & knocks mobs back (thanks u/Joey0312).
  9. You can till dirt at mines, get items, un-till it using the pickaxe, & repeat to get more items (random each time, may include artifacts). Source (thanks u/Alkaizen). Note: this tip's for educational purposes only; even though this is possible, it's not the most efficient way to mine for artifacts. It's much easier to go to floor 15/55/95 (the layout is the same every 40th floor), till the dirt right by the elevator, leave, & come back. The dirt resets every time you go to the floor. This is much less of a drain on energy & time & is the recommended method (thanks u/Zolge).
  10. You can pick up coal from minecarts.

The Valley, Shops & Gifts

  1. You can buy ice cream in non-summer seasons even when no one's manning the stand! Park your horse behind the counter & instead of getting the message that says no one's working there, you can now buy as much as cream as you like, whenever you like. From your horse. This is one of my favourite tips because it's just so random. Source.
  2. You can plant fruit trees outside the farm. (Patched, thanks u/OldManInternetz). If you planted some before the patch, those will remain.
  3. When a villager's heart meter is full, it will no longer decay over time even if you never talk to them.
  4. Buy items from shops in multiples of 5 by holding Shift while right-clicking. Edit: on console, hold ▢/X (thanks u/wohlstand). On Switch, hold A+Y (thanks u/maniolink).
  5. You can put chests & machines almost anywhere in town (chests at the mine entrance/people's houses, kegs in the tunnel, furnaces/kegs at the quarry, worm bins outside Willy's etc.). Remember to store them away from NPC paths (they trample & destroy anything in their way).
  6. Villagers appreciate the star quality of gifts if they are liked/loved.
  7. Due to the internal re-use of some item IDs, you can use certain wallpapers as stand-ins for some items in the game, including the prismatic shard (e.g. giving Haley a specific wallpaper is equivalent to giving her a coconut). If you have a catalogue, you have an unlimited free supply of some neat items & gifts. See video. Note: video contains an animal & quest spoiler! Edit: patched (thanks u/Chenjiringu & u/chalo1227).
  8. You can forage in the trash bins around town for some decent loot. If someone (except Linus) is within 7 tiles when you do it, they'll disapprove & lose some friendship points (line of sight doesn't matter, forage freely).
  9. Clint's ore quests can't be instantly completed with ore you already held or took out of a chest in a stack straight away. Put the stack in a chest & take it out one by one for it to count (video) Edit: dropping the exact amount & picking it back up works too - if you drop & pick up more than what's required at once, it won't register (source). You'll hear a "ding" (journal says "Talk to Clint."). It doesn't matter what you do with the ore now. You don't need to hold it while talking to him or even have it in your inventory (don't risk gifting it to him & making him depressed). Source (thanks u/justintnelson, u/grand_cheesemonger, u/FutureCode, u/diakked, & u/Raichu7).
  10. When you hear a whistle & get a notification saying "a train is passing through Stardew Valley", head up ASAP to the tracks & catch it go by. You might get lucky as it drops some resources. In winter, the train carries presents (just cosmetic but cute).
  11. If you want cash instantly, you can sell directly to Willy & Pierre instead of waiting for the shipping box overnight. Useful in early game if you want money for same-day planted seeds. Edit: you can also sell mine loot, weapons, & shoes at the Adventurer's Guild (thanks u/Caillielf & u/Lykanth), wood/stone to Robin, & ores/minerals/bars to Clint (thanks u/Fiametta37).
  12. Birthday gifts can be given to a villager at any time, regardless of whether you've already given a villager their 2 gifts for the week. Useful to boost friendship quickly, especially for the spring dance.
  13. You can give everyone a bouquet & see all their heart events without penalties before choosing one to give a pendant to.
  14. Remember that the travelling cart comes on Fridays & Sundays & can be very useful in completing community center bundles (especially for off-season goods).
  15. You can access the lower portion of the (mild spoiler, unlockable area after upgrading axe:) secret forest for some more hardwood. If you ever wondered why the wiki claimed you could get 12, this is why.
  16. Make Pam reach the bus stop faster by blocking her path when she's on the way there. She'll run past you. You can also plant a tree in her path to block her to make it more permanent (see #27).
  17. At the Stardew Valley fair, always bet on green at the wheel. Here's the math from decompiled code.
  18. You can complete the crab pot bundle without ever building a crab pot. Cockles can be foraged at the beach & crabs drop from the rock crabs in the mines.
  19. Once a bachelor or bachelorette is at 8 hearts, you can repeatedly give them more bouquets to quickly raise their hearts to ten in the same day. You don't have to wait another potential 2 weeks to see their 10 heart event. It takes approximately 20 bouquets (thanks u/Cocowife).
  20. When trying to complete a community center bundle, check how many blank squares it has. Some bundles show a large list of items needed, but you only need as many items as there are empty squares; you often don't need everything (thanks u/bagelpizzaman).
  21. You don't need to go to the community center (& each room separately) to check on bundle progress. See it at any time by clicking on the bundles button (thanks u/Trayoos).
  22. If you plan to process geodes & upgrade tools on the same day, process the geodes first as Clint will work on your tool only until it's done (thanks u/Lemerney2).
  23. In your co-op partner's house, you'll find a chest inside with level 1 tools to use. This is helpful early in the game your tool is being upgraded at Clint's. Note that you can't upgrade these tools if you've already upgraded the others. For example, if you take a regular watering can to Clint's to get it upgraded to copper, and you already have a copper watering can, steel is the only available option (thanks u/vegankilljoy).
  24. Unlockable area spoiler: if you can't enter the casino, zoom all the way out to be able to interact with the bouncer & the vendor (thanks u/moonlawliet).
  25. Unlockable area spoiler: you can buy deluxe speed-gro at the Oasis on Thursdays for cheaper than at Pierre's (thanks u/FutureCode & u/eyemahdin).
  26. During fairs & events, always remember to check for interactions everywhere. For e.g. the fall fair has a top area that is easily overlooked, near the water fountain. If you ever wondered why Gus, Elliot, Maru, George, & Evelyn were, that's where they went. You can click the grill to get burgers there!
  27. 1.1 building spoiler: you can bring your horse with you when you use a warp obelisk, so you're not stuck with having to walk. Park your horse right in front of the obelisk. Dismount (be careful where you click, otherwise you'll warp without your horse). Start walking into it until it shakes & you phase into it, so you occupy the same space as the horse. Click the area that covers both the horse & the obelisk, & as you warp, you will jump on to it. As long as your cursor covers both the obelisk & the horse, you'll be transported with it. Source.
  28. You can plant non-fruit trees outside the farm. Pick a spot, use the hoe to dig there, & plant your maple seed/acorn/pine cone there (thanks u/gridbuster).
  29. Unlockable area spoiler: pay back the cost of the 500 g bus ticket to Calico desert easily by foraging. Even the lowest quality coconut goes for 100 g, so pick up a few coconuts/cacti along your way to the skull cavern (better still process those in preserves jars/kegs), & you can make back the money without much effort, besides any good loot you'll pick up in the skull cavern as well.
  30. To rearrange the museum exhibit, you'll need to have something to donate (to access that screen). If you give your last item to complete the collection & have nothing left to donate, you'll get stuck with that layout, so make sure you set up everything beforehand. PC players can get around this by using the museum rearranger mod which allows you to change the layout at any time.
  31. Unlockable area spoiler: Calico spin at the Casino is the best/only way to make the Qi coins you need to buy everything, & it follows a pattern which can be exploited. Video tutorial (thanks u/KippDynamite). Illustrated tutorial (thanks u/Joey0312). pattern exploit patched in 1.5, but now the game favours the player and is greatly affected by luck (thanks u/Piececrafter).
  32. 1.1 quest spoiler: in the witch quest, you have to get past the goblin henchman by giving him void mayonnaise, which is easily obtained by fishing in the swamp right there. The first item you'll catch is void mayo. If you put a chest there & stash it, you can fish another one, stash it & repeat ad infinitum (you get it about 25% of the time). Source (thanks u/Myrandall & u/Nuderval).
  33. Remember that you can regenerate health & energy at the spa by standing still in the pool. While you're there, you can enter the opposite gender's locker room, even though it says you're not allowed in. At the pool, push up at the stairs continuously while spamming the button to dismiss the notification & you'll get through (thanks u/Skinn_Bones). Source.
  34. On the 28th of any season, go to the bush in the little alcove north of the swings/slide in town & click on it at exactly 12:00 pm to get a secret gift! Furniture item: Junimo plush..
  35. Standing at the edge of the map & swinging your tool will allow you to creep forward & escape the map, to do some cool things. Video & source.
  36. The map-escape trick in #34 can also be exploited to get infinite health & energy at the spa. Video & source.
  37. You can force the quality of spring onions to be gold only (especially helpful in early game). Fill up your backpack completely, with a gold quality spring onion in 1 slot (no other type of spring onion in your pack). When you click on a spring onion to pick it up, it will spawn as one of the 3 or 4 qualities. Since different qualities occupy different slots, any time a non-gold quality is spawned, it won't let you pick it up since there's no space. Keep clicking until a gold is spawned, whereupon it will be added to the stack in your pack. The quality also affects how much people like them as gifts. Video & source.
  38. Don't waste resources making chests for community center quest items. You can lock them into the slot as you get them (note multiples need the exact number). That way you don't have to keep track of what you have (thanks u/lolcrunchy).
  39. You can get Mayor Lewis' shorts without befriending Marnie (thanks u/Ryandw2).
  40. Unlockable area spoiler: buy Qi coins easily by holding right-click on the coin machine & spamming Y on the keyboard (thanks u/deadline_wooshing_by).

Player, House & Skills

  1. Stay up past 2 am by clicking on the on-screen journal icon (not shortcut key, as with Fishing #4) once you see the pass-out animation begin. You get a short time to get to bed safely before the animation is triggered again (this is repeatable). You still get an energy penalty the next day, but it's better than losing money early in the game. (patched, thanks u/vegankilljoy).
  2. If a pet/villager is blocking your path, keep walking into them. They vibrate at first, & after a moment, allow you to phase through.
  3. Cooking ingredients are pulled from both your inventory & the fridge. I used to put cooked food in the fridge before I realised this. Edit: inventory items are pulled before the fridge (thanks u/Pellantana).
  4. Don't store your legendary fish in the fridge. You might make legendary sashimi by accident. It tastes of regret, & a reloaded day.
  5. Sashimi recipe + crab pots = easy energy. If you have fish that isn't very valuable, make it more profitable by turning it into sashimi. Useful if you have a lot of crab pots.
  6. Foods that give you speed buffs stack with coffee, & the horse. Wiki.
  7. You can place objects on top of & under furniture, even furniture on furniture (e.g. artifacts & decorations on tables, torches underneath tables, & chairs on top of tables). Place a torch behind the Tree of the Winter Star to give it a nice glow.
  8. Rotate furniture with right-click before placing it.
  9. You can hide chests behind bookcases & under tables. Place the chest in the same spot & you can make functional furniture while saving space in the house. To move a hidden chest, pick up the furniture first to get to it. Source.
  10. You can place paths inside the house.
  11. Turn on "always show tool hit location" in settings to better see where tools will hit.
  12. Controller players: do you often find actions taking place outside the spot you're facing? Are you watering a random tile behind/around you instead of the one in front? This happens because your cursor location interferes with where you're facing. The quickest correction is to hit Y/equivalent to bring up your menu/backpack & dismiss it again. This resets your tool hit to the spot you're facing. I made a gif to demo this.
  13. If you randomly/accidentally click things, you might use a tool which costs energy even if it doesn't accomplish anything. Equip a weapon or the scythe instead, which costs nothing to swing.
  14. Hover the cursor over the energy & health bars to see the exact numbers of how much you have & use.
  15. If you lose your scythe (e.g. after passing out in the mines), & can't find it anywhere, you will likely find it in the fridge.
  16. You can change the pitch of flute & drum blocks by right-clicking them. Here's a creative example!
  17. When selecting items from the inventory/chest, you can Shift-click a stack to halve it. Useful if you want to redistribute resources, split stacks, or to get to a certain number quickly (e.g. if you want ~300 wood, halve a 400 stack, drop it in your inventory, & halve the source again for another 100) (thanks u/Ihateleeks).
  18. Some objects, such as campfires, can be placed both inside & outside the house/sheds.
  19. As of 1.2.x, you can use the Del key to trash items in your inventory. You no longer need to drag them into the trash can. Just select the item & press Del.
  20. As of 1.2.x, you can use LB/RB (Xbox controller, tested on PC) to scroll through your three inventory rows, so you have a full new hotbar accessible with the controller without needing to open up the inventory screen (thanks u/fearofthesky). Source. If you are on PC, Rotate Toolbar does the same for KB/M.
  21. Just as you can use Shift to buy items in batches of 5, you can hold Shift while clicking on an item to craft it in batches of 5 instead of 1. Useful for items you usually want to craft a lot of at once, such as fencing (thanks u/spambreakfast).
  22. Remember to have free space in your inventory while picking up presents in the mail from your neighbours. If you don't (or otherwise ESC the screen before collecting it) you'll lose the mail (thanks u/pikaababe).
  23. Jack-O-Lanterns on display will turn to mush on the night the season changes from fall to winter. Protect them by keeping them in a chest/inventory (thanks u/Blu-Cup64).
  24. By using item numbers instead of names you can spawn any item in the game, no mods required.
submitted by SidewinderN7 to StardewValley [link] [comments]

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